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Washing Washing Washing !!!


Who did washing today ??? I did !!!
After ten days of conteneous rain, it was finally a beautiful day here in Tokyo.
Mothers of each household was busy doing loads of washing today !!!
Not only Tokyo, but many places all over Japan had a beautiful day,
compared to those days of deadly rain that had caused so much destruction in the Southern part of Japan.

Unfortunately, the rainy season, tsuyu, is not over in Tokyo.
According to the weather forcast, tsuyu is not going to end till some time in August.
However, when tsuyu, is finally over, we are expecting beautiful summer days !!


6年ぶりに前年を下回ったそうだけど、とはいえ男性が 78.53 歳、女性なんてもっとすごい 85.49 歳 !

How old is your grand mother ?
Average of Japanese grannies’ age is 85.49(!), and No.1 in the world for 21 years, oooh impressed…

News Bits & Bobs

A couple of news stories have been running about in my mind today, so I hope people don’t mind if I just blab on about them here for a bit…

I had always thought their was a ban on casino type gambling in Japan… hence those crazy little holes in the wall where you sell back the pen you won at the pachinko parlour for cash. That being the case, it looks like the government is finally admitting the truth… people love to gamble in this country. reports that Japan is in talks with major global casino operators. I assume some gaudy monstrosity will pop up in Tokyo in the not so distant future… what will that mean for the tourism industry in Korea etc, where many serious Japanese casino fans go to “holiday”?

Is a head of lettuce going to be costing us 400yen soon? Do any of you remember when the rainy season was long and with conditions similar to this year a few years ago? It was around that time that vegetable prices skyrocketed and a humble lettuce was around 400yen at my local Akafudado. I heard on TV that the rain is doing serious damage to crops and then read on The Daily Yomiuri Online that the lack of sunlight, as the rainy season drags on, is stunting veggie growth and pushing prices up! Oh joy! They said prices will probably go up 30% by mid-august.

Am I wrong to think she is tying up resources? Megumi Ogawa is a Japanese PhD student who has been studying in Australia since 1999. Recently her visa ran out and she failed in several legal actions to be allowed to stay in Australia, so she was to be deported. It now seems (as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald) that she has applied for asylum!!! She has stated she has no fear of the Japanese government… I guess she really likes Australia. This story stays with me for two very different reasons. One, asylum is a very necessary process and I worry that her stalling process is at the determent to real asylum seekers in Australian Detention Centres (and I believe there are plenty of them thanks to Australia’s John Howard) and two, I was out with an Australian the other week who was telling me how “easy it is to migrate to Australia”… I guess Megumi would disagree.

Sorry if you weren’t interested, but I’ve posted it now…

Posting from my Nintendo DS Browser!

I am posting this article from my new Nintendo DS Browser !
Yes, it came finally :)
I set it up to connect with my home’s wireless network, so that I can use Internet everywhere in my house from DS ! Yay !

Wakeboarding World Series Part 2

Wakeboarding World Series

The Japanese round of the Wakeboarding World Series was held in Odaiba, Tokyo over the weekend and it seriously rocked! The world’s top pro-wakeboarders were in action and their flips, spins and Half Cab Double Backrolls were awesome.

α100 どうかな


Originally uploaded by lhuga.

先週の金曜日に Sony から出た デジタル一眼レフ、ヨドバシにてキャンペーン中。
Sony といっても、もともとは KonicaMinolta のα だけど…

Sony’s new D-SLR, Alfa100. Minimum price is 99,800yen(body only)
Woo, I want this with macro lens.

Power Puff Girls

Have you watched Power Puff Girls Z ?
This re-make version of Power Puff Girls is on-air from 1st July, TV Tokyo channel 12, in Japan.
I was a big fan of ButterCup…and much disappointed with this Japanese Version.

私は前の PPG(特にバターカップ) 大ファンだったのでかなりがっくしです…ぜんぜん PPG のリメイクである必要ないよね。


Right now, in Ueno Park, there is a small event taking place. A number of stores have set up tents and are selling Japanese pottery. There are some cheap buys, basic thing and also some very beautiful pieces. One stall also has Korean pottery, which is stunning.

There is also a stall selling antique furniture and sake shop that is giving tastings of Tokyo-made sake for 100yen (you get a few tastes for your 100 yen too).

If you’re in the Ueno area, head towards the main gate of Ueno zoo, you won’t be able to miss the pottery stalls with the large blow-up yellow arch in front of them.

Lost Kitty.

Looking For A Home.

Ran across this plea on the Tokyoites Tribe:

Are there any Tokyo/Chiba area folks who want a little black kitten?

Yesterday during cleaning time some of my elementary school students found an abandoned kitten outside, near the school, in the rain. They brought the kitten in. It was very small, maybe one week old, and its eyes were dirty and crusted shut. I warmed up the kitten, cleaned it until it could see again, and fed the kitten with and eye dropper. Another teacher took the kitten to the vet last night. The vet says that it ishealthy and lucky. It is small, all black, and as of yet the sex is unknown.

I am taking care of the kitten tonight (regular bottle formula feedings and cleaning) but my apartment does not allow pets. No other teachers are in a position to adopt. School is out for the summer, and it’s easy to get kids to fall in love with kittens… but parents are another matter. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to care for the kitten, or how much I can get the other teachers to help.

Let’s find this little kitten a home.

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Absolut Icebar Tokyo

Absolut Icebar Tokyo is one of a place I am planning to go during summer. A little expensive (admission 3500 yen including one vodka based drink, served by ice glass.) but it is experience.
Reservation is required. You can find pictures from flickr

ABSOLUT ICEBAR TOKYO is the first permanent icebar in Japan located in Nishiazabu. Experience the extreme – the ABSOLUT ICEBAR is kept at minus 5 degrees Celsius year around and everything inside is made out of crystal clear ice transported down from the Torne River in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. Step into an environment where the walls, bar, tables, and even your own personal glass with a vodka cocktail is made out of ice. The ABSOLUT ICEBAR is operated in 45 minute time slots and you will be given a cape to keep you warm during your visit.

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