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The Return of Ganguro.

Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Go Back Into the Water.

They are back! You smell them before you see them: Ganguro girls. Is anyone else seeing a ganguro resurgence in their neighborhood? I saw a horde of them at Fussa station this evening. It was scary.



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Another Izakaya in Sakuragicho, Seiryumon with my aunt, cousin, and mum.
I used to go to another Seiryumon in Setagaya, each branch has different concept.
Here, the concept is underground, and we came across an interesting event. Suddenly, lots of water flow down from a pipe to the floor, and the water disappeared soon. It was only 5-6 mins event.



This weekend the Matsuri was held in Omotesando, Tokyo. It is the final of a national competition, in which 160-odd teams are whittled down to just 20. Each team consists of 50-150 dancers and they were all spectacular.
Pictured is my friend’s team from Kochi, sponsored by AU (KDDI).

March of the…


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I went for drink with my colleagues to Izakaya(Japanese pub).
Usually, they provide warm towels and chopsticks with paper cover.
One of our colleagues started “Origami” with that towels and paper.
This picturte is the result of that. 17 towels for 9 people…strange.


Worldcon in Yokohama, 2007 summer

Nippon 2007 Worldcon Main Page

Although it is held next year, anyone who is planning to come ?

Frog on the bike


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Found this near my station!
And as a “Frog collector”, I couldn’t ignore this.

What is this frog doing ? Ring ring ring ?

Chinese Massage / 中国整体

Have you ever tried chinese massage ?
I have been having pain in my shoulder, stiff neck, so decided to try it.

How did I choose the clinic ?
Well, it is the nearest to Yamate station, and it looks clean and tidy, that’s all.
And I think my choice is not wrong, it costs 4600JPY/60mins. Not bad.


Yokohama Bayquarter / 横浜ベイクォーター


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New shopping, culture, and gourmet place “Yokohama Bayquarter(横浜ベイクォーター)” opens in Yokohama the day after tomorrow !

“Yokohama Bayquarter” is next to and connected to ‘Yokohama Sogo”, you also come by boat(シ-バス) from Yamashita Park or MM21.

Can’t wait !!

Getting Clean in The Shower.

Public Housing Advantage.

We got new shower units in our complex! Thank you, Tokyo Government!
The only problem is, the water pressure is so low. But, hey, it is/was free. Guess I cannot complain.

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Comiket 70

Over. But Not Forgotten.

I guess there was some comic thingy, Comket 70, from August 11th to the 13th. Road Rage Bunny has photos

and a blog entry:

Tokyo Comiket was big. really big, impossibly big. half a million people every day with 35,000 indi comic creators each with only one day out of the 3 day… Read More

Mandatory Engrish: Explicit!

It’s not often I glorify “Engrish”, but I cannot pass this one up. Sorry.

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