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Men’s is the best copy

OtokoYou probably made mud balls when you were a kid. I did and it was fun to make it smoother and harder. But did you know you can make it shiny? I was surprised to read this site. Look! It’s so shiny. Actually it seems a real hobby in Japan and there is the "Association of Nippon Doroーdango Science" (Doro-dango is mud ball in Japanese). Here is the site talking about shiny mubball in English. This site has instructions  for"how to make shiny mudball". Wow don’t you think you want to try? I want. I will :-)

Yesterday I read an interesting article. The products having good sales have common keyword. It’s "Men’s". For example, Kanebo foods released a gum "men flavor" (otoko kaoru). After eating the gum, your body smell like a rose, they said. It flied out of stores and currently they are back-ordered.  "The Handsome Tofu" (Otokomae Dofu) was the big topic because of their success. They are just Tofu maker, but they have very unique pop website and named a very tough manish name to each tofu. This is "handsome tofe", this is "Blown by the wind, tofu guy Johnny" tofu.  This summer, the authentic umbrella maker Miyatake released guy’s parasol "Men’s Sara cool". They said Sara cool sold more than women’s parasol this year. Thinking of "men’s", I think Glico men’s pocky is the first product having copy "men’s".

Hmm interesting, I wonder "men’s" sound "functionable", "real", "serious" to the people. I tried only that gum, did my body smell nice? No I didn’t feel like that.

The first Blue Seal Icecream shop in Tokyo!

BLUE SEAL in Fussa

BLUE SEAL Icecream is famous Okinawan icecream company. It was started to serve icecream for Americans in Okinawa. (Okinawa used to be occupied by US and there are many military bases in there) It is one of the place you have to go if you visit Okinawa.

but you dont need to fly to Okinawa, you just take a train to come here for icecream :) we have a new store in Fussa, where is west part of Tokyo, near US military base.
it’s always crowded but it worth to wait. they serve good stuff and cheaper than Baskin Robbins!

Good bye Yokohama (;_;)

I left Japan 2 days ago.
So this will be my last post for Metroblogging Tokyo.
Of course I keep writing for my personal weblogs, so if you are interested in, please visit them.

I really loved MetrobloggingTokyo and was always proud of being one of authors.

Thanks for our readers, authors, and everyone !
See you again someday.

My favourite Yokohama


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This is Yokohama Station, taken from Yokohama Yodobashi Camera.
I really like to be here, sitting in front of Yodobashi, watching people, and taking photos.
Yokohama station is filled with many smells cookies, china potatoes, flowers, and breads:) You will love here if you visit Yokohama.

It’s like a rainy season

Since monday it’s been raining most of the time, and temperature is getteing lower.
That means the long, hot, and humid summer finished finally.
But it is too cold these days, isn’t it ? Only 20-22 degrees Celsius.
I need to buy some long-sleeve shirts :)


IKEA Kohoku

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日本の2番目の IKEA は横浜にできまーす!

I took this at a bus stop in Kannai.
It will be crowded on the opening day, September 15th.
But I want to go !

Miffy exhibition at Yokohama Sogou


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Do you know Miffy ?

I think Miffy is really familiar to Japanese people as a “Usako chan”
I remember when I was a child, I used to watch miffy’s animation on TV.
Today, I found Miffy exhibition at Yokohama Sogou, and HERE is a link to discount coupon. she 50 years old or more ?!

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