Choiwaru Oyaji

Mirr01sI wrote about "Men’s is the best copy". I think this is related to the "Choiwaru Oyaji" trend.  "Choiwaru Oyaji" means a little bit bad middle-aged men.  The magazine LEON coined the term. LEON says "enjoy fashion, enjoy life more" to middle-aged Japanese guys.  This is an interesting article, Chic and pushing 60, the salaryman discovers fashion about the Choiwaru Oyaji trend.  It’s a really hot topic in Japan.  Well, do I feel middle-aged guys are getting fashionable? Hmmm, maybe…maybe a little bit.  But they can’t begin to compete with Italian guys. (they talk about Choiwaru too)

Of course, I welcome this trend.  It is very boring to see nothing but grey suits.  But how can I say it…middle-aged men seem to be confused, too.  When I check on-line shops using the keyword "Choiwaru," they show pages like  this or this.   Hmm. The suits? (forget it) The leather pants? (it would be very hard to find a guy who could wear these well)  The snakeskin wallet? (too much)  The fat-burning tablets? (this one should be a priority)  I laughed so much seeing this. Guess what?! It is just mint candy. Their philosophy is "Mirrorno… it’s the essence of blissfulness" and "let’s make it stylish". Stop so exaggerating. Relax.

Fashion changes quickly, but fashion sense doesn’t.  Guys need to develop more discriminating tastes :-)  I have to laugh seeing a guy having such an overzealous mint.

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  1. Taro, at (unregistered) on October 14th, 2006 @ 3:57 pm

    “Mirrorno… it’s the essence of blissfulness” is a gr-r-r-reat philosophy but the “Mirrorno” is just an excuse for a man to carry a makeup mirror which is the essence of vain self-consciousness not “blissfulness” hee, hee.


    Taro, blissfully lame choiwaru

  2. James Hart (unregistered) on October 17th, 2006 @ 10:57 pm

    I’ve seen a couple of salarymen try the leather pants on a dress-down Friday. Not cool, but I give them credit for trying…

    But where are guys supposed to shop here anyway? Any shopping centre I go to has hardly any men’s shops; they are always packed with women’s clothes stores, household stores, bread shops, restaurants, etc. We need H&M in Japan!!

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