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Ueno Park

Ueno Park is one of Tokyos best places for watching the cherry blossoms. Tokyo Metrobloggers gathered and had some food and drink. This is the end of the financial year, and a lot of office workers are making a real effort to enjoy the brief time of the hanami (watching flowers).


Sexy Sakura

Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo

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Makeup session on the train

This is a photo I took this morning on the train. I am fascinated by how these women can put on makeup while commuting to Tokyo. The train is moving and shaking but they do not flinch for a second. And by the time the train rolls into Shinjuku or Tokyo station, they look great. Tokyo women, you rule.


Mount Fuji from Tokyo

Mount Fuji from Tokyo

Although many people deny it, you can see Mount Fuji from Tokyo, especially on clear winter mornings.
I took this photo at dusk from Ariake, in Tokyo Bay.

Nearly Full Bloom

Tokyo Metblog
The Sakura are approaching full bloom in Tokyo. Pictured is Chidorigafuchi, one of the best spots for viewing Cherry Blossom. You can go boating under the trees and at nearby Yasakuni Jinja, the trees are lit up at night (from 1830-2200 until April 1st inclusive).

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Ashes & Snow

Tokyo Metblog
The Nomadic Museum has arrived in Odaiba, Tokyo. What looks like just a huge stack of cargo containers is actually a travelling photo exhibition by Canadian artist Gregory Colbert called Ashes & Snow which has come to Tokyo via New York and Santa Monica.
Don’t ask me for a review; I was kept out by the 1900Yen entry fee.

Read more via our friends at TAB

The real TAB (TokyoArtBeat) entry is here. Thanks to Kosuke at TAB for the heads-up.

The Art of Being Cool, Tokyo Style: Club Asia Edition

Last Friday, as part of a friend’s birthday celebration, I found myself inside of Club Asia; one of Shibuya’s many clubs situated in the love hotel district. Club Asia, like many of the area’s clubs, features a variety of musical genres and live performances ranging from Reggae and Hip Hop to Rock and Punk. This night happened to feature live performances from an assortment of Rock flavored bands.

Coming from Osaka and having lived in NYC, I am no stranger to the club/bar scene but as I have mentioned in the past, there is always regional variation: an area one must study and contend with. After all, no one wants to go against proper etiquette and commit a faux pas. With that in mind, I will present ten unwritten rules and social conducts that I gleaned from my observations at the club. It seems apparent that one must project these qualities and perform these actions in order to properly blend in and enjoy the Club Asia experience. (Note: this is only applicable to Rock/Punk nights)

1. Pay, without question or complaint, the 4,000 yen cover charge to listen to mediocre bands that few have heard of.
2. Never smile.
3. Limit speaking.
4. Never talk to people you don’t know.
5. Appear expressionless. It’s best if you can display a sense of disgust or abstract boredom.
6. Be aloof–a big city favorite.
7. When dancing, be sure to move out of synch with the music.
8. Never, ever apologize for running into others.
9. Limit eye contact.
10. Take up as much space at the bar as possible so that others cannot purchase drinks.

Follow these tips and you’ll be a Club Asia pro in no time!

Club Asia official homepage
Hikari Entertainment


Recently Middle Eastern foods, usually sold by street vendors, have gotten popular in Tokyo. Kebab at 500 yen is pretty reasonable. I wish they would have falafel, my favourite!



More foreigners living in the city means more and more change..


Tokyo Metblog
Tokyo Metblog

With the academic year ending in March, now is Graduation time in Japan. I walked passed the Nihon Budokan today and it was packed with celebrating students. They were lining up for photos, throwing each other into the air, making speeches and drinking sake.
They will have a couple of weeks of revelry, including Ohanami, and then those with jobs will start work on April 2nd. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts!

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Metroblogging Asia

towers in kuala lumpur

Originally uploaded by le dieu.

Metroblogging continues its Crusade East, with the addition of Kuala Lumpur, the city no-one spells correctly the first time.

There are now 8 Asia Pacific countries represented on Metroblogging; more than any other region.

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