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Motorised Tako

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Spotted in Odaiba: お台場海浜公園

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Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills

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This week I visited Tokyo City View for the first time. On the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills‘ Mori Tower, the 360 degree views of Tokyo are spectacular. I thought the overpriced admission admission fee was pretty remarkable as well, at 1500Yen per person.

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Fire in Kudanshita?

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This was the luchtime scene near my office. 15 emergency vehicles, scores of fireman & 100+ office workers evacuated onto the street. No sign of a fire, however…

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Spectacular restaurant in Nishi-Azabu. Sit on the 3F for the view down or on the ground floor for banter with the chefs. Highly recommended, but predictably a little pricey.
Koizumi & Tarantino are fans.

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Live from the Tokyo Derby

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Yomiuri Giants(読売巨人) vs Yakult Swallows (ヤクルトスワローズ)

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We had about 39 or 40 degrees C again today here in Tokyo/Saitama. Train tracks on the Tobu Tojo line got warped about 5 cm due to the heat (metal expands) and about 2000 passengers got delayed. A few people have died too, as often happens, although I’m not sure if “heat” is really a cause of death in such cases.

Right now at 17:00 my room is a cosy 34 degrees, as the sun is setting, with the A/C on 26 and a couple of fans at full speed. The kitchen, where I do not have A/C is still above 37. That is HEAT.

I’m worried about global warming, this is just not NICE.

Incidentally, TEPCO, my electricity company, put a notice in my mailbox today. They are asking customers to save electricity as a result of the earthquake in Niigata prefecture in July. All seven nuclear reactors at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station are shut down and that has created problems for TEPCO, who has had to secure power from other plants.

The leaflet explains that between 13:00 and 16:00, they are having trouble supplying the electricity needed, so please turn down the tempereture of your air conditioners, hang up curtains and blinds in front of windows, and turn off the TV if you are not watching.

I’m sure people can do more than that. Any good ideas, dear readers…?


(Photo from showing a fridge curtain, to save electricity when you open the door of the refrigerator on a hot day.

Happy Birthday India and Pakistan!

More anniversaries today, as India and Pakistan celebrate 60 years of independence.
Follow the events and emotions at Metroblogging Bangalore, Chennai, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Mumbai.

August 14

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Today, Japan remembers its WW2 Surrender 62 years ago. In Tokyo, specifically around Kudanshita, where I work, this means the streets are packed with military, ex-military & relatives, but most of all, the Ultra-Nationalists and the Police, all braving the 40 degree heat.

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Fuji Rock Festival

Over 120,000 people went to Niigata last weekend for the annual summer festival with lots of music… Nice photo gallery on the official Japanese website.

The lineup this summer included Cure, Beastie Boys and The Chemical Brothers. Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John deserves a special mention too! I like that the festival takes social and environmental issues seriously, with NGOs promoting povery campaigns, global warming awareness and “Save Shimokitazawa with Flower Company” (to stop the highway construction in Tokyo’s charming Shimokitazawa area).

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