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Vegetarian Week in Tokyo

Hey, James… Hot dog vending machines? No thanks. saidoh.jpg
Tokyo Vegetarian Week Festival 2007 starts this weekend with events in Yoyogi Park on September 29-30. Hope to see you there. Herwin will be selling cookies and his Vegan Restaurant Guidebook, and lots of people are gathering to promote healthy veggies, fruits, nuts and grains that we should all eat more of…

The calligraphy combines the kanji characters for yasai (vegetable) and do (road, code, way ) creating a new term, “the vegetable way” alluding to other familiar philosophical terms in Japanese, such as bushido (the warrior’s code) or judo. In Japanese the two kanjis are read saido.

Hot Dog from a Vending Machine

Food again, but at the other end of the spectrum. We all heard about the wacky vending machines before coming to Japan, but this still surprised me. Hot dogs, noodles, french fries, etc microwaved from frozen, 400Yen each.
It even has our favourite UsoGaijin 嘘外人 advertising it.
Has anyone out there tried one of these?


Tokyo Metblog
Authentic paella right in the heart of Tokyo!
I was at La Taperia on Monday, enjoying Madrileno tapas, Rioja wine & a great atmosphere conjured up by the Madrileno owner, Carlos.
Highly recommended, though predictably a little pricey compared to Spain.
Monday is Spanish conversation night, great for those like me wanting to practise their castellano.
Anyone know of other good Spanish restaurants in Tokyo?

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Peace Day Tokyo September 15, 2007

With Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s sudden resignation today, I think the Peace manifestation on September 15 in Tokyo will be a very, very cheerful event with a lot of enthusiasm from peace activists who have maintained their support for Article 9 of Japan’s Peace Constitution, that clearly says, Japan is a country that will not wage wars. Especially not now, and not in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tokyo says “No War” and “Peace for everyone”!

Now I’m really looking forward to Saturday!

Place: Shiba Park (by Tokyo Tower)
Time 11:00AM – 17:00PM
More details on the World Peace Now Website and at the Peace Day Tokyo Blog.


Train Fun

Tokyo Metblog
Women fiddle with their mobile phones, men sleep (those that are alive). At least the silence is better than the chorus of “I’m on the train” or “We apologise for the delay” I’m used to in London.

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Talking with a cab driver.

I sometimes take cab to go back home after work. It is not because I am lazy to take a train, but I am just too late for catching a train after work… The day before yesterday, I took a cab from Yoyogi-Park area to Shinjuku station. A cab driver started talking to me.


Typhoon No.9

taifun no.9

For three days now strong wind, rain and humid heat are the heralds of Typhoon No 9. Tonight it will finally reach Honshu and sweep over Tokyo. So you better stay home with some icecream and a good book and listen to the rain beating on the roof… Ki o tsukete kudasai (= take care)!

My Flickr Photo of the Week

Sompo Japan Building, Shinjuku – by Cieguilla

Hello, this is my first entry.

Hello, guys. This is Masanori. Please read my bio if you are interested in more about me, but I have not finished writing it, anyway. As you know, this is my first entry for Metroblogging Tokyo. And I first want to thank you Sean and James for allowing me to participate MetroBlogging.

I thought about what I am going to write for the first entry. But, I was never be able to come up with a good subject matter to start with. So, I would like to share with you what I have been doing in Tokyo these days.

I used to live in New York City by October 2006. I had lived there for more than 6 years in New York before I came to Japan. When I was in New York, I went to college, spent some time in different parts of world after graduation, and did internship in Brooklyn before I came back.

Ready for disaster!


That boy was having a great time!

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