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Oh MyLord!


At Shinjuku Stn when entering the Mosaic Street that leads the way up to the MyLord (to be pronounced Merôd) department store you can find the so called MyLord Box. It is an interactive light instellation, that is especially nice when it is dark outside. The programm is changing every few minutes: sometimes it is all blue with white light-clouds appearing whenever you touch the screen, then it is snowing and the snowflakes are piling up around the spot where you touched it, and the other time it is gray with colourful lights popping up. It is quite entertainig to watch it and how the passer-bys react and interact. I thought it is quite amazing how many people, no matter what age was curious, tried to touch it, giggled, watched it for a while..
For all those of you who don’t have the possibility to see and touch it live and direct i uploaded a video here [click!].

No Thanks!


Tokyo really is a place where more or less everything is available if you are willing to pay (sometimes a lot) for it. This can be wonderful: shopping or even just walking around and have a look at all the beautiful, delicious, strange or funny things is a lot of fun! Especially when it comes to food I often feel like in heaven here. However there are things of which I think they are just not right! Minke whale-, bear- or sea lion curry are definitly part of those things!
Don’t get me wrong: I also love to try food that I never had before. Give me some veggie I’ve never seen before and I will be happily excited like kids on christmas. But I am absolutely not appreciative of eating animals that are in danger of extinction, especially when people from an affluent society with plenty of other foods eat those meatproducts just out of curiosity or fun! It is not like someone is starving here without whale meat.
Furthermore I guess no one buys this in an endeavour to appreciate the meat – canned and soaking in curry sauce it surely won’t have any distinctive flavour. So it is all just about the idea of eating some “exotic” animal and about the colourful packaging. I found those cans in a shop for presents and all kinds of knick-knack – not in a grocery store – I don’t want to know how many people bought this as a oh-so-funny christmas present… I guess most of the cans will never be opened, they will just get dusty on the kitchen shelves of the presentees. What an unhappy end for a grand whale…

Christmas Apparel

Even the local fauna seems to have adapted christmas ;)

Happy holidays!

‘Tis the season to be jolly

X-mas and the New Year Holiday (o-shogatsu) have become a major joint celebration in Japan, with western influences – such as carols in the supermarket – and shrine and temple visits: Added to that a lovely romantic twist, as young couples enjoy a chance to have a nice dinner and maybe more (much more) together. Sparkling wines and rice cakes? You bet. Anything goes. ‘Tis the season to be jolly.


For the New Years Holiday, you’ll find a lot of fun decorations, such as the one above. A mixture of styles that show a lot of originality! In Tokyo, people like to throw in a few wild cards too, but a Wacky Wobbler…?

Micky and Minnie wearing kimonos? Sure! Why not!

While some of my neighbours go for western-style decorations, I have opted for a o-shogatsu kazari (New Years Decoration) on my door.

Happy holidays!

God Jul & Gott Nytt År

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