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Pet Rental

Love pets but don’t want the hassle of feeding or housing them?

Luckily we have the solution here in Tokyo: pet rental by the hour!
I tried it last year to give my son some experience looking after a pet and we had a great time. Through the power of teh Interweb, I ended up getting interviewed about my experience and it will be in an article in the Wall Street Journal this weekend. You can also read it online here.

Kitty Update.

From Homeless to Homed.

“Homed”? Anyway, the lost kitty now has a home:

Kitten HAS been taken home by a family at school!

Glad this ended well.

More Lost Kitties

A few weeks back I visited Minami Osawa and there was a group with cats that needed homes.Meow?

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Lost Kitty.

Looking For A Home.

Ran across this plea on the Tokyoites Tribe:

Are there any Tokyo/Chiba area folks who want a little black kitten?

Yesterday during cleaning time some of my elementary school students found an abandoned kitten outside, near the school, in the rain. They brought the kitten in. It was very small, maybe one week old, and its eyes were dirty and crusted shut. I warmed up the kitten, cleaned it until it could see again, and fed the kitten with and eye dropper. Another teacher took the kitten to the vet last night. The vet says that it ishealthy and lucky. It is small, all black, and as of yet the sex is unknown.

I am taking care of the kitten tonight (regular bottle formula feedings and cleaning) but my apartment does not allow pets. No other teachers are in a position to adopt. School is out for the summer, and it’s easy to get kids to fall in love with kittens… but parents are another matter. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to care for the kitten, or how much I can get the other teachers to help.

Let’s find this little kitten a home.

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