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Disappearing For a Few Days.

Apparently, my laptop is ill and needs a bit of tender loving care. I leave you with links to one of my favorite shows CoCo Rico’s Miracle type (ココリコ ミラクル タイプ). It airs on Wednesday nights from 10 on Fuji TV. My favorite would have to be the 夢のない男, Ambitious, or Dreamless Man. This guy is great. He goes on these fast, long, uninterrupted monologues that sucks the joy from everyone’s life. Brilliance. How the actor memorizes these monologues is beyond me. Granted, there are times where they have 80 takes on one scene. Anyway, check out CoCo Rico’s Miracle Type next Wednesday night at 10 on Fuji TV.


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Power Puff Girls

Have you watched Power Puff Girls Z ?
This re-make version of Power Puff Girls is on-air from 1st July, TV Tokyo channel 12, in Japan.
I was a big fan of ButterCup…and much disappointed with this Japanese Version.

私は前の PPG(特にバターカップ) 大ファンだったのでかなりがっくしです…ぜんぜん PPG のリメイクである必要ないよね。



Not Michael Jordan.

Michael Jackson popped in on SMAP during practice the other day. It was scary. Michael could only say, “Thank you. I love you. Thank you.” No dancing or singing. HE did find the LED’s on the huge screen entertaining. I think he was baked. Anyway, MJ made an appearance. It looks like he is doing the whirlwind tour along with signing a contract. /me cries for the children.

NHK’s Salaryman NEO

Ota Takashi describes Salaryman NEO as, “Detailed parodies of ‘salarymen’ and
‘salarywomen’,” and, “…it has something in common to the Monty Python.” The amazing thing is, it is produced by NHK. So, set your recording device of choice. (You Beta users need to join the 21st century. I suggest this.) Salaryman NEO airs on NHK Tuesdays from 11:00 PM. Enjoy.

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More Entertainment than Advertising: Hot Pepper Redux.

Hot Pepper.

Hot Pepper.

The TV commercials for Hot Pepper, a monthly and free coupon magazine, are a stroke of genius. The basic recipe is a) create or find a scene, b) write a script that matches, but doesn’t match, and c) add Japanese voiceovers.

Example: Horror Movie.

Guy A is obviously either dead or dying and his friends Guy B and Girl A run up to see if he is really dead. Guy B, not dead, shakes Guy A, who could be dead, and shouts something. Girl A, alive, shouts something and Guy B looks at Girl A. Guy B then turns back to Guy A and says something. This process repeats. Standard horror movie fodder. The catch is what is being said in Japanese.

  • Guy B to Guy A (Dying or dead.): May I take your order? Gumbo for three, right?
  • Girl A to Guy A: Thank you for your order!
  • Guy B to Guy A: She’s new, so her timing is a bit off.
  • Girl A to Guy A: Table for three! (This is normally shouted for the benefit of the staff.)
  • Guy B to Girl A: They are already in and seated. (seated being implied.)
  • Girl A to Guy A: How about some potatoes!
  • Guy B to Guy A: You have Hot Pepper coupons, right?

Hot Pepper Commercials for your Downloading Pleasure! My personal favorite. He makes another appearance here. Poor guy.

Hot Pepper is published by RECRUIT.


RECRUIT publishes magazines covering a variety of areas:

That’s just about everything, yes?

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Links to Funny Japanese TV

JWZ is compiling a list of links to funny/crazy/stupid Japanese TV. There’s plenty out there….
Thanks to TaroBot for the photo!

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